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Tim Tebow: DJ Steve Porter, Creator of “All He Does is Win” Video Wins Webby Award

May 22nd, 2012 at 1:10 PM
By Donald Lappe

Does New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow really inspire greatness in others? DJ Steve Porter created the music video "All He Does Is Win" to capture the Tim Tebow phenomenon in an enjoyable way which featured detractors and perhaps Tebow's most ardent supporter, Skip Bayless, mashed up into a song that quickly became a viral hit. DJ Steve Porter won a Webby Award last night for his work. It was the 16th Annual Webby Awards presentation.

'All alone out there ...' photo (c) 2010, Jeffrey Beall - license:

It's true, all he does is win. Tim Tebow sure does win quite a bit, and even those trying to find ways to capture the Tim Tebow hoopla in an enjoyable way are winning. DJ Steve Porter won a Webby Award for the music video "All He Does Is Win," which was created in the midst of the wild ride Tim Tebow had with the Denver Broncos last season.

The Sport Web Award was given to DJ Steve Porter, the creator, and the other "star" of the video, Skip Bayless. Spike Lee and New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin presented the award to Porter and Bayless.

It was a cool moment for creator DJ Steve Porter, a Broncos fan and a big Tebow supporter himself. Porter has had a similar rise to fame, although not quite on the same level as Tebow. Porter went from unknown to an internet sensation in a very short period of time with his sports video remixes and now is a household name with his work regularly featured by major media outlets.

Two National Championships at the University of Florida, the focal point of an unbelievable turnaround for a floundering Denver Broncos team and now a Webby. What does Tebow have in store for the New York Jets this season?


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