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New York Jets’ Chaz Schilens Takes Exception to Antonio Cromartie Comments

August 2nd, 2012 at 9:59 AM
By Donald Lappe

When Antonio Cromartie proclaimed himself as the second-best wide receiver on the New York Jets, you didn't think it was going to go away without being blown out of proportion, did you? Antonio Cromartie is obviously very confident in his own athletic ability, and rightfully so. His words have made the rounds and one Jets wide receiver, Chaz Schilens, had a response ready.

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New York Jets wide receiver Chaz Schilens wasn't too happy about what cornerback Antonio Cromartie had to say when comparing his ability as a receiver to the abilities of those the team actually signed to play that position. Here's what Chaz Schilens had to say about those comments:

"I'm aware of what was said. OK? I'm on top of it, I'm telling you that right now. I'm on top of it, and it will not be a problem. And that's all that I'm going to say about the whole thing."

Chaz Schilens should take exception to what was said, it's a player at another position saying he can do the job better. It's good to hear that he's not trying to settle it through the media, and hopefully it puts a nice chip on his shoulder. The truth is that Chaz Schilens already has plenty to prove because despite his physical talents, he hasn't made much of an impact thus far in his NFL career. Injuries have been a major part of that.

While Chaz Schilens was upset, rookie Stephen Hill wasn't.

"I'm just trying to be Stephen Hill and stay in my place."

There you go rookie. Take care of it on the field.

The bottom line is that Antonio Cromartie will probably see some package time on offense. He won't be starting along with Santonio Holmes, but if the Jets can spread the field with Santonio Holmes, Stephen Hill, Antonio Cromartie and Chaz Schilens, they can create some very difficult matchups for defenses with height and speed being major factors. For an offense already planning ways to be creative, it's worth a look.


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