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Madden 13 Player Ratings Released: New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow

August 8th, 2012 at 6:30 AM
By Donald Lappe

Madden 13 will be released soon, but the Madden 13 player ratings are being released in stages and gamers all over the world are awaiting the ratings of their favorite NFL players. With the entire slate of quarterbacks in Madden 13 being released, the New York Jets are certainly a team of interest as many have been waiting to see the Madden rating of Tim Tebow, as well as Mark Sanchez.

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When it comes to New York Jets quarterbacks, the people in charge of the Madden 13 player ratings have come to the same conclusion we did: Mark Sanchez throws the football better than Tim Tebow. That being said, Tim Tebow brings other skills to the table that will be very useful for the Jets in 2012 and his Madden 13 player rating reflects that.

New York Jets Madden 13 Player Ratings

PlayerOverallSpeedAwarenessThrow PowerDeep Accuracy
Mark Sanchez8069748871
Tim Tebow7781788770
Greg McElroy6664577867
Matt Simms6176358768

Madden 13 also has G.J. Kinne listed on the Jets as of right now, but he was waived at the end of June. He should be removed from the roster after the first roster update

Overall the Madden 13 player ratings show a pretty fair assessment of the Jets quarterback situation with Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. They have two quarterbacks that struggle with accuracy, though one is more advanced in that department. Tim Tebow will make contributions in other areas as he brings a unique skill set with his ability to be a power runner and pass.

Greg McElroy probably deserves a better awareness rating given his intelligence and knowledge of the game, though that hasn't been seen in the regular season. Matt Simms has solid physical skills ratings for an undrafted rookie, with a very low awareness rating, as expected. Of course, if you're the one controlling the Jets, awareness ratings don't matter much.

But then again, if you're controlling the Jets on Madden 13, Tim Tebow might be starting at quarterback. Or he might be cut. Or maybe you're in the middle and are going to use him the way the Jets will this season. It all depends on how you feel about Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez.

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