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New York Jets’ Matt Slauson Takes a Pay Cut, Percy Harvin Trade Chatter Heats up Again

August 9th, 2012 at 1:31 PM
By Donald Lappe

The New York Jets staged a competition at left guard between Matt Slauson and Vlad Ducasse, though the validity of the competition is up for debate. Matt Slauson ended up taking a pay cut to guarantee himself a roster spot, leading some to suggest that the "competition" was stirred up to cut his salary. With the cap room now freed up, trade chatter linking the Jets and Percy Harvin has picked up once again.

'A. Peterson & P. Harvin' photo (c) 2011, Arvee - license: the New York Jets try to trade for Percy Harvin? Well, yeah, or course they should make a call to the Minnesota Vikings. Anytime a playmaker makes it clear he would like to be traded, most NFL teams should make a call to see what's going on. The Jets have liked Percy Harvin since he left the University of Florida, as they were hoping to pick him in the 2009 NFL Draft if they didn't swing a trade to select Mark Sanchez.

A Jets trade for Percy Harvin does seem a bit far-fetched. The Vikings weren't very open to trading him when he originally made his request, and what do the Jets have to give? Percy Harvin is one of the best players on the Vikings, a nice asset to have at wide receiver with a young quarterback under center (Christian Ponder), so he won't come cheap.

The Jets aren't solid at wide receiver, as Jeremy Kerley and Santonio Holmes are currently injured, Chaz Schilens is injury prone and Stephen Hill is a rookie. But isn't it too soon to jump in a trade and likely move valuable future draft choices for a player that has dealt with migraine headaches his entire NFL career? Percy Harvin has missed plenty of time due to injury himself.

If Jeremy Kerley didn't pull his hamstring early on in training camp, is this discussion happening? Probably not. If Jeremy Kerley's injury is one that is going to keep him off the field deep into training camp, then the move makes more sense. He has been on the field doing individual work during practice this week, so he doesn't seem to be that far off from a return to the field. He still has a perfect skill set as a slot receiver.

Percy Harvin is an excellent asset and we explored to possibility of a Jets trade for Percy Harvin back in June. Right now, it doesn't fit. Besides, do we really need to hear about the Jets making this team into the 2008 Florida Gators? Just let the Tim Tebow conspiracy theories gain more steam.

Matt Slauson's pay cut has fueled this speculation, but the Jets are probably opening up space for negotiations with Darrelle Revis. Keeping Darrelle Revis should be higher on the priority list that acquiring Percy Harvin.


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2 Responses to “New York Jets’ Matt Slauson Takes a Pay Cut, Percy Harvin Trade Chatter Heats up Again”

  1.  Sharon Scrima says:

    I read someplace that Harvin has actually only missed 3 games in 3 years. It certainly feels like he has missed more time given his migraine issues. The frustration with him is that you never know for sure if he is going to play and it comes down to a last minute guessing game every week. It drives me absolutely nuts in fantasy — I don’t need it in reality with my Jets. He is always a big play maker threat but Sanchez needs someone he can rely upon and build rapport with during the week’s practices.

    •  Donald Lappe says:

      Hmm, yeah it definitely does seem like it’s been more. Like you said, the fact that it’s something that it always seems to be hanging around isn’t the kind of stress we’re looking for!

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