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New York Jets: Demario Davis Ready to Start at Inside Linebacker?

October 24th, 2012 at 12:43 PM
By Donald Lappe

The New York Jets made an effort to get younger and faster over the offseason, especially through the 2012 NFL Draft. Part of that was the selection of Demario Davis, an inside linebacker with blazing speed from Arkansas State. The Jets grabbed Demario Davis in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft and he immediately received praise, viewed as the eventual replacement for Bart Scott. After seeing Demario Davis on Sunday against the New England Patriots, that time might be coming sooner than expected.

New York Jets rookie linebacker Demario Davis opened some eyes on Sunday against the New England Patriots, and he may be just the spark the defense needs in stopping the run. Demario Davis contributed seven tackles, six solo, on Sunday, helping out the Jets struggling run defense. His speed is a major asset, as the Jets have struggled against quicker backs all season (C.J. Spiller, Reggie Bush, etc.).

Is it time to push Bart Scott out of the lineup? Bart Scott should be commended for losing weight in an effort to play faster this season, and he still has a definite role against bruising running teams, but the Jets need speed on defense. Demario Davis has it. He's better in pass coverage and can play sideline-so-sideline for a defense that has been gashed by speedier running backs.

In the first six games, Bart Scott had 16 solo tackles. Against New England on Sunday, Demario Davis had six. That kind of production can't be ignored. The Jets will still have a role for Bart Scott this year moving forward, but it's time for more Demario Davis.


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