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New York Jets’ Tim Tebow: Time for Tim Tebow to Replace Mark Sanchez?

November 12th, 2012 at 10:05 AM
By Donald Lappe

The question has followed every loss, every poor Mark Sanchez performance. Is it time for the New York Jets to turn to Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback? In short, yes. The offense is an absolute disaster, Mark Sanchez has regressed, and the Jets need to find some way to grind out a few yards and put a few scores on the board offensively (touchdowns or field goals welcome). It's Tebow Time.

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The New York Jets don't need to become a high-scoring offense. The Jets need to become a somewhat competent, competitive football team. Tim Tebow could provide that. He provided that all of last season with the Denver Broncos as he led them on a second-half run that landed the team in the playoffs. Truthfully, there's nothing to lost at this point. The offense can't get much worse and the Jets' playoff hopes are even legitimate hopes.

Plus, the arguments against handing the starting job to Tim Tebow are holding less and less weight each week. The biggest knock on Tim Tebow is that he doesn't throw the ball well enough or complete enough passes to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. His 47.5 career completion percentage absolutely supports that. However, Mark Sanchez is only completing 52 percent of his passes this season. Does less than five completions over the course of every 100 throws outweigh what Tim Tebow can do as a pure playmaker with his feet, arm and ability to extend plays?

Mark Sanchez has had at least two turnovers in seven of the team's nine games this season. The Jets used Tim Tebow sparingly over the first eight games, giving Mark Sanchez every opportunity to take over this team definitively. He hasn't done anything even close to truly claiming this offense as his own on the field. Some argue that it's not solely on Mark Sanchez, and that's true, but without equal talent, unconventional can be a way to even the playing field. And unconventional is the definition of Tim Tebow playing the quarterback position.

Really, what do the Jets have to lose? We won't be treated to the offensive juggernaut that has taken the field the first nine games with Mark Sanchez under center? You try it out and see if Tim Tebow can grind out some first downs and give your team a chance. Right now, it would be a lot more than the current offense is doing.

Or at least give us something to watch. So many already call the team a circus and say that the Tim Tebow move was made to sell tickets anyway, so just turn the team into a spectacle and play him. Sure, every fan wants their team to win, but at least have some fun. Whatever works. This team isn't winning and isn't fun to watch. Bottom line: it's Tebow Time.


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  1.  Tea Boy says:

    ECHO>>>>>>The team is not winning and it ain’t fun to watch….

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