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New York Jets: Time to Start Greg McElroy

November 24th, 2012 at 9:15 AM
By Mario Scipioni

Goodness gracious, Thanksgiving was a disaster for the New York Jets. Mark Sanchez needs to be benched immediately, and there is no doubt about that. Jets Nation would love to see Tim Tebow take over, but he is not the best option.

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While Tim Tebow is a dynamic player and entertaining to watch, Greg McElroy is the New York Jets' best choice at starting quarterback. Yes, Greg McElroy, and no, this is not a joke. It is a risk worth taking and could potentially work out very well. McElroy may not strike fans as their ideal quarterback, but he has what it takes to win, and the Jets need to try something new.

McElroy is an intelligent player, which balances out Mark Sanchez's constant struggles in decision making. He may not have the strongest arm, but he is very accurate. His play may remind Jets fans a little bit of Chad Pennington except more mobile and aggressive and less fragile. Greg McElroy's quick release, vision and ability to avoid turnovers make him more qualified to start that Sanchez and Tebow at this point. The question should not be if, but when.

Also, what does McElroy have to lose? Absolutely nothing. Sanchez has already embarrassed himself and continues to play like a rookie in his fourth season. He is on his way to being one of the biggest draft busts in Jets history. As for Tebow, he has become nothing but a method for selling tickets and gaining publicity and it has reached the point where he is useless because the Jets have not stuck to their plan of giving him 15 snaps per game and have not given him a chance to show what he has when Sanchez crumbles.

If McElroy fails, there is no loss. It would just be an experiment that does not work well. He does not bring the hype that the other two quarterbacks bring and has not contributed in any way to the circus environment. What he said on the Birmingham radio show back in January was a simple account of what he experienced, not trash talking the team. He seems to be the only player on the team that is fully aware of what is going on and understands something needs to change.

The Jets' third-string quarterback is intelligent, honest, skilled, and can win. All of that is what the Jets need right now in a quarterback. All of this "Tebow Time" talk needs to stop. It is now McElroy's time to shine.

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