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Tim Tebow Breakup: not Just with the New York Jets

December 20th, 2012 at 1:24 PM
By Donald Lappe

We have some Tim Tebow breakup new for you. Yes, the New York Jets are expected to move on from the Tim Tebow experiment after this season, supposedly at the request of Tim Tebow. The hottest news is that Tim Tebow has also broken up with his girlfriend, actress Camilla Belle. This has been a rough week for Tim Tebow, punctuating a rough season with the New York Jets for him as an individual and the team as a whole. He was passed over to start this week in favor of Greg McElroy.

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Tim Tebow will likely be playing football somewhere else next season, as the New York Jets are expected to scrap their experiment that they never really allowed to get off of the ground. Some will say that the Tim Tebow experiment failed, and in the end it did, but mainly because it was never given a chance. Injuries played some role in that as Tim Tebow was banged up during the season, but the fragile ego of Mark Sanchez also seemed to be a major factor.

Not only has this been a failed season for Tim Tebow with limited playing time, but with Mark Sanchez heading to the bench he was passed over for Greg McElroy. Greg McElroy certainly deserves the opportunity to start this week, but you have to feel for Tim Tebow. He came to the Jets with a ton of hoopla and expected a chance to play. Having been the backup quarterback for the majority of the season, you know he was waiting for this chance.

As if that wasn't enough, Tim Tebow has also reportedly broken up with his girlfriend, actress Camilla Belle, according to US Weekly. The two were going out for two months. Camilla Belle starred in Dirty Dancing 3 and 10,000 BC.

So, what's next for Tim Tebow? He'll finish out the regular season with the Jets and then he is expected to be headed elsewhere. Maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars?


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