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Marty Mornhinweg and Tim Tebow: Connection for New York Jets Offensive Coordinator

January 19th, 2013 at 1:23 PM
By Donald Lappe

Marty Mornhinweg is the New York Jets new offensive coordinator and John Idzik is the Jets' new general manager. The way those two men feel about quarterback Tim Tebow, as well as Mark Sanchez and a lot of the other players on the Jets offense, is going to be one of the more interesting parts of this NFL offseason. Most have assumed that Tim Tebow would be headed elsewhere, but with Jacksonville Jaguars new general manager David Caldwell proclaiming that they're not interested, it's hard to say where. Another peculiar facet of the ultimate decision to keep or dump Tim Tebow is his connection to Skyler Mornhinweg, son of Marty Mornhinweg and current Florida Gators quarterback.

New York Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg has an interesting connection to Tim Tebow: his son, Skyler Mornhinweg. It's not really a direct connection, more like a shared path that might mean Marty Mornhinweg has some sympathy for the polarizing quarterback.

Skyler Mornhinweg just completed his freshman season for the Florida Gators, tabbed as a right-handed Tim Tebow while in high school. Here's Skyler Mornhinweg's bio on the Florida athletics site. He originally committed to Stanford, opened up his options when Jim Harbaugh left for the NFL, then committed to Penn State, but started looking around again after the Jerry Sandusky scandal. It has also been suggested that after Penn State recruited another quarterback, Skyler Mornhinweg understood that he would be playing safety for the Nittany Lions, not quarterback.

So, Skyler Mornhinweg commited to play for Will Muschamp at the University of Florida. The former stomping grounds of Tim Tebow. It makes sense that Florida would be willing to give him a shot to play quarterback – he was ranked as the No. 19 quarterback in last year's crop of recruits.

Now, Marty Mornhinweg is the offensive coordinator of a team with Tim Tebow on the roster. It's unclear how Tim Tebow can fit into his West Coast style, but Marty Mornhinweg might be a bit more sympathetic to what he has gone through.


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