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Tim Tebow: New York Jets Owner Woody Johnson Says Tim Tebow was Forced on Him

January 21st, 2013 at 5:10 PM
By Donald Lappe

It wouldn't be another day in New York Jets land without another weird story, especially one involving Tim Tebow and the constant spin of the move to acquire him last offseason. Many have been playing the process of elimination, trying to figure out through public comments, actions and even private comments from unnamed sources, just who was behind the trade for Tim Tebow. Woody Johnson is now trying to remove himself from the list of suspects, claiming that Tim Tebow was forced upon him.

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New York Jets owner Woody Johnson wants you to know that the trade for Tim Tebow wasn't his idea. Many called it a publicity move right when it happened, and through the season the lack of playing time for Tim Tebow seemed to support that hypothesis. But, if it was really an attempt to sell tickets and jerseys, wouldn't that be fueled by the owner?

Well, apparently it wasn't. Woody Johnson told former Denver Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist, who interviewed for the Jets job, that it was forced on him. So if it wasn't Woody, and apparently wasn't Rex Ryan, then who?

Mike Tannenbaum? But doesn't that run contrary to everything we have been led to believe about the nature of the Jets personnel decisions? Mike Tannenbaum is a "talent evaluator," he's not a personnel guy. At least, that's what everyone had been ranting and raving about prior to his firing.

Woody Johnson did say that he eventually accepted the idea, but it's clear that he's wants people to know that it wasn't him behind the deal. Ted Sundquist also said that it is obvious that the team is looking to put an "exit strategy" in place to rid themselves of Tim Tebow.

It is possible that TonySparano also had interest in Tim Tebow, though the way Tim Tebow was involved in the offense seems to suggest otherwise. Outside of him, the only other person who could have been the big supporter of the move and "forced" it on Woody Johnson and the rest of the organization is Mike Tannenbaum. Given the failure of the move and the firing of Mike Tannenbaum, that seems to fit the narrative.

Of course, with the Jets, who knows? Mike Tannenbaum took the fall. Tim Tebow will be playing elsewhere next season. John Idzik is the new general manager and has plenty of work ahead of him.

One more point: if Mike Tannenbaum was behind the move, he deserves some credit. Back when the move was made, we supported it. For an offense that struggled so much with turnovers and was unbelievably inept at moving the football, it's ridiculous to sit here and say that Tim Tebow could not have helped. Implementation may have been the real culprit here, and the fall for that was taken by Tony Sparano.


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