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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: New York Jets Still Hoping to Trade Tim Tebow

February 3rd, 2013 at 2:55 PM
By Donald Lappe

The Tim Tebow trade rumors are still flying, with the New York Jets not prepared to give up hope that they can get something in return for the quarterback with a fervent following. With the list of potential suitors currently hovering around zero, it's unclear just who the Jets think is going to be willing to give up value for Tim Tebow. That being said, they are not expected to release Tim Tebow at the start of the new league year and will attempt to get something back for him.

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The most recent Tim Tebow trade rumors aren't that there's a team interested in trading for him. The latest rumor, via Adam Schefter, is that the New York Jets still intend on trading Tim Tebow, and will not release him at the start of the new league year for the NFL on March 12. The Jets haven't given up hope of getting something in return for the player they traded their fourth and sixth round picks to the Denver Broncos for last offseason.

To get value for Tim Tebow there has to be interest. Too bad there isn't any. Last offseason when the Broncos advertised Tim Tebow for sale, the two teams that were interested were the Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jets won out and acquired Tim Tebow, only to want to trade him now. The Jaguars have stated that they are not interested in acquiring Tim Tebow.

That leaves zero teams. However, that doesn't mean that no one else is going to pop their head in and all of a sudden think they can use Tim Tebow, but it's tough to think of a scenario where another NFL team is going to view him as a real option at quarterback. A position change may be necessary to continue his NFL career. Are teams willing to give up any kind of value in a trade knowing that Tim Tebow will likely need to learn a new position?

Not likely. So, in essence, the latest Tim Tebow trade rumors are that the Jets won't release him (yet), but there aren't any interested trade partners. The Jets may have to reassess the situation after a few weeks and decide whether to cut Tim Tebow or try to find a role for him on this team.


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