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Brady Quinn: New York Jets Quarterback Options

February 12th, 2013 at 8:05 PM
By Donald Lappe

Taking a break from discussing New York Giants scraps, the ongoing discussion about possibilities for the New York Jets quarterback position continues. While Brady Quinn is another name that won't get many people running to the ticket office, he will be a cheap option that could compete with Mark Sanchez. Brady Quinn has been looking for a fair shot his entire NFL career and joining the Jets would be an upgrade in terms of his supporting cast.

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Brady Quinn has had a very quiet NFL career, bouncing around places without much talent and once being passed over in favor of Tim Tebow. Linking him and the New York Jets isn't something new, as the team had planned to meet with him last offseason prior to signing Drew Stanton. That means Brady Quinn was considered by the Jets as someone who could push Mark Sanchez, so we'll examine him as a possibility this offseason to compete for the starting job.

Looking deeper, while Brady Quinn would certainly come cheap, it would be a major leap of faith by the Jets. He has been surrounded by inferior talent throughout his NFL career, especially with the Kansas City Chiefs last season, but his own play has been equally inept. In eight starts last season Brady Quinn threw for just 1,138 yards, touchdowns and eight interceptions. That's horrible production at the quarterback position, even by 2012 New York Jets standards.

While Brady Quinn is a cheap option, a player like Matt Moore wouldn't be much more expensive. The difference between the two is that Matt Moore has been able to post competent numbers with poor talent around him while Brady Quinn has absolutely floundered. There has really been nothing about Brady Quinn's NFL career to this point that suggests he could be any kind of help to the offense.

The Jets may be strapped for salary cap space at the moment, but spending a little extra for someone more accomplished than Brady Quinn would be wise. 


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