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Ryan Nassib: New York Jets Quarterback Options

February 13th, 2013 at 11:54 AM
By Donald Lappe

The New York Jets are looking for a quarterback to compete with Mark Sanchez for the starting job in 2013. So far, all of the options we at Jets 101 have examined have been current NFL quarterbacks that would be available either in free agency or via trade. It's time to start looking at what the 2013 NFL Draft has to offer, starting with Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib. Ryan Nassib has gained steam overall in terms of his 2013 NFL Draft stock, but being from one of the two FBS Schools in New York State certainly doesn't hurt the hype train when it comes to playing quarterback for the Jets.

Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib seems to be the flavor of the last few months, with scouts and NFL Draft analysts suddenly falling in love with him right before the upcoming April draft. He tends to do the little things well, as he is noted for his consistency hitting shorts passes. His arm strength isn't an issue, but he has struggled to complete deeper throws. You can see some of the downfield accuracy issues in the video above versus USC.

One of the things the New York Jets have truly lacked since the 2010 season is the vertical passing game. The Jets seem to put more emphasis on trying to stretch the field horizontally recently, and that scheme hasn't been executed well. Ideally, an offense can accomplish both the horizontal and vertical schemes of offensive attack, which forces the opposing defense to account for more space. By keeping everything close to the line of scrimmage, the opposing defense is allowed to play downhill without the fear of giving up the big play.

What would Ryan Nassib add to the Jets? He would give them a young quarterback to mold: a quarterback that can consistently complete short passes and has the arm strength to make deeper throws, but he hasn't found the range yet. Is that enough to warrant a high draft pick? With all of the immediate impact players with physical tools in other areas that are going to be available, it would be really tough to justify taking a quarterback prior to the second round.

We will continue to look at other potential rookie quarterback options, but if it comes down to Ryan Nassib or a veteran, the Jets should probably stick with an older player that can hold the line for a season or two.


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