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Mike Glennon: New York Jets Quarterback Options

February 17th, 2013 at 6:17 PM
By Donald Lappe

Tarvaris Jackson has been re-signed by the Buffalo Bills and will be in an open competition with Ryan Fitzpatrick for the starting quarterback job, so that crosses another option off the list for the New York Jets. Our attention has since turned to the 2013 NFL Draft, with the next prospect up being Mike Glennon of North Carolina State. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is another NC State product, though he made a one year stop at Wisconsin before making the jump to the NFL.

Just as with Russell Wilson last year, height is an issue. The difference is that Mike Glennon is thought by some to be too tall. At nearly 6'7", some are worried about his ability to take a hit as he is a large target for defenders rushing the quarterback. Glennon's response to that knock has been that he's taken tons of big shots already and has gotten up each time.

Mike Glennon will remind some of Brock Osweiler: a very tall kid that has a great arm, but the collegiate numbers don't jump off the page. Most of the top prospects are able to stay out of double digits in the interception category, making Glennon's17 picks thrown an eyesore. It's also troubling that he had three games with at least three interceptions. Mike Glennon is going to have to learn to limit his turnovers to succeed in the NFL.

Still, the arm strength is very tempting. There will be teams that fall in love with Mike Glennon's ability to physically throw the football and hope that they can reign him in, which will also unlock his potential in the process.

But is he the right fit for the Jets? Probably not. It's tough to justify the Jets using a second round pick on a quarterback with turnover problems. The team has other areas of need and reaching for a quarterback out of desperation will only compound their issues. The Jets' best option for the second round is to draft a contributor at another position and find another way to solve the problem under center.


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