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Lauren Silberman to Kick at NFL Regional Combine at New York Jets’ Facility

March 1st, 2013 at 2:00 PM
By Donald Lappe

Lauren Silberman is set to try out at an NFL Regional Combine, kicking at the New York Jets practice facility in Florham Park, New Jersey on Sunday. Lauren Silberman will become the first woman to try out at an NFL Regional Combine. A soccer player, she has never kicked in an organized game. However, given what she has said about her hopes for Sunday, it sounds like she has quite a bit of leg strength.

Lauren Silberman knows her chances aren't great. The 28-year old is grateful for the opportunity and is hoping to inspire others to to take on challenges. Just attending an NFL Regional Combine is an accomplishment that many high school and college football players will never achieve.

But when you hear what her goal for Sunday's tryout is, you might start to wonder. Lauren Silberman is hoping to be perfect on her 60-yard attempts this weekend.

NFL teams will be more concerned about her ability to hit from closer distances and will look to see that she has the leg strength to hit from 55 yards. The number of attempts from over 55 yards are rare enough that teams aren't overly concerned about a kicker's ability to hit from that range. If Lauren Silberman can show off that kind of range, however, teams would certainly perk up a little when watching her kick. Teams will also want to see if she can put the ball through the end zone on kickoffs.

The NFL introduced regional combines in 2011 and have them set up in 10 different cities this year. There will be a Super-regional in Dallas in April for players that advance from these regional combines. If Lauren Silberman were to reach Dallas, the media frenzy would take off big time.


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