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Keyshawn Johnson: New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez “Wants to Be Hollywood”

March 4th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Donald Lappe

Former New York Jets first overall selection Keyshawn Johnson, famous for his autobiography titled, "Just Give Me the Damn Ball," is laying it out there about the Jets and Mark Sanchez. Keyshawn Johnson has never been one to dance around a topic and he addressed the team's issues and their quarterback situation head-on. Keyshawn also spoke about John Idzik, as the two crossed paths with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Keyshawn Johnson has always been outspoken and moving from the football field to the ESPN studio hasn't changed him. From the time the New York Jets drafted him first overall in the 1996 NFL Draft out of USC, he's been making headlines. He just made another, and did it by giving his opinion on the Jets and their struggling quarterback, Mark Sanchez.

Keyshawn Johnson told Newsday's Bob Glauber what he thinks about Mark Sanchez:

"One minute, he wants to be Hollywood. The next, he wants to be a quarterback. Can't do both, son"

Definitely a fair assessment by Keyshawn. We've all heard the claims from the Jets that Mark Sanchez is the hardest worker on the team and beats everyone else to the facility. The problem is, could someone really be focusing all of that attention and effort towards getting better without any tangible results? It's not as if Mark Sanchez doesn't have the physical tools. But when watching him last season, is there anything you can point to as something he does better than he did the year before – or even as a rookie?

That what's disturbing about the career of Mark Sanchez to this point. It's easy to dismiss poor numbers by blaming the talent around him. You can't blame the talent around him when you turn on the tape and just grade him individually, especially on things like ball security. No coach wants to watch his quarterback drop the ball down around his waist with one hand and backpedal away when pressured in the pocket. It's still a constant part of Mark Sanchez's game and one that has led to turnovers.

Are we to believe that former Jets quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh simply didn't correct that? What about the other sloppy aspects of his game? The lack of improvement, especially in minor facets of playing the quarterback position, lend credence to Keyshawn Johnson's statement. It seems like the focus isn't totally on football.

Keyshawn Johnson went on to say that the Jets should get what value they can for Darrelle Revis to improve the team in other areas. He also had kind words for John Idzik, who signed Keyshawn to an eight-year, 56 million deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Johnson believes Idzik will do a good job of getting the Jets back on track.

But to make the big step forward, the team is going to have to figure out their quarterback situation. The team is expected to bring in two veterans to compete with Mark Sanchez, possibly David Garrard and Brady Quinn.


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