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The Jets’ search for a quarterback could lead them back to Hackenberg

March 20th, 2017 at 3:51 PM
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The No. 1 priority for the Jets heading into this offseason was unquestionably to find a quarterback. Nothing else came close. Without a quarterback, nothing else really mattered. The Jets were desperate.

Or so we all thought.

But the more this quarterback search drags on, the more it looks like one of these two things is true:

Either 1. The Jets really had no plan to find a quarterback â?¦

Or 2. Their plan was that their 2017 starting quarterback was on their roster all along.

“I think they might already have their quarterback,” said one NFL source who has spoken to the Jets about their quarterback situation. “I think they’re committed to (Christian) Hackenberg.”

That’s a theory, of course — albeit an informed and educated one, considering the lack of other options and the fact that Hackenberg was a second-round pick last year. But it’s an option that’s increasingly impossible to rule out, considering the odd directions this offseason’s search for a quarterback has gone. The Jets, maybe more than any other team, should’ve been in a mad scramble to find the best available quarterback, maybe at any price.

But that doesn’t describe their meandering, patient, relatively dull search at all.

First, they did not appear to offer a strong pursuit of Mike Glennon, the free-agent quarterback they liked the best, according to multiple sources. Before free agency began, Jets head coach Todd Bowles warned the market might get “crazy.” Maybe the Jets were scared off by the three-year, $45 million contract the …

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